Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seven things I love.

Mulier Fotis has tagged me.

I'm going to try to tag Annie of the LMS Arundel & Brighton blog

Annie, if this works put up 7 of your favourite things on your blog and then tag some other lesser known blogs.

Here are my 7 things:

1. The traditional liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin (includes Divine Office).
2. The traditional music that should accompany it.
3. The preaching and teaching of Pope Benedict XVI
4. My Prayer Garden
5. My Library
6. My Computer (I'd be so cut off without it. What would life be like without my blogging friends and without kto and EWTN?!)
7. "......laughter and the love of friends."(If anyone objects to this last because in fact it's two things, well substitute this line from Belloc's 'Dedicatory Ode')

I haven't included cats because they are not 'things'! Guess that's why Silvester wasn't mentioned in Mac's list .

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