Friday, October 30, 2009

"Evangelisation of the Digital Continent"? Another of Jane's flights of fancy? Not really!....

What did I tell you when months ago there were rumblings from the Vatican about WCC day? First, I posted on October 18 last year: 'Pope Benedict: Will he be the first Pope to blogificate?' And again on January 17 this year, 'Pontifical Commission for Internet Communication' , althought in the latter case, I have to say that the Holy Father's own term 'evangelisation of the digital continent' is vastly superior to mine! Of course Papa has done even better than I suggested in these semi-serious sketches, but I trust you'll concede that I was on the right lines!

btw, here are some other things that I've suggested could/would happen:

Cardinal Newman would be beatified
The Pope will visit England (I first said that, well before the invitation was issued by PM Brown)
The Beatification and visit would take place after Card. M. O'C had retired and a new Archbishop appointed.
Even though the Holy Father may not conduct the Beatification, as that is against his recent practice, it is possible that he will be present at the ceremony. There have been several recent press claims that this may happen and Fr. Lombardi associated the two events in a recent statement.
The Holy Father would do something positive for TAC in response to the appeal they made to him after the vote for women 'bishops' at the Anglican synod.

You may wonder how I have managed to be so accurate. No, I'm not Cassandra; no, I do not have a direct line to Mgr. Ganswein. So what is it? Not telling, unless anyone asks, but I will say here than many other people who get it all wrong could do with knowing the answer.

Anyway, watch this space for my next 'Flight of Fancy'!

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Mark M said...

Jane, dear, did you get the emails I sent you on the 29th? (just worrying a tad!)