Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alleluia! 'Light of the World' arrives chez moi

In spite of the fact that I pre-ordered the book at the beginning of November, its arrival here was delayed by bad weather. Last week we had no mail deliveries for three days. Snow and ice meant that roads between here and the sorting office near Angouleme were non-negotiable. A rise in temperature overnight on Friday brought the Seewald book to me on Saturday morning. It also brought more heavy rain, but I have little excuse for spending a great deal of yesterday and today with the book and am two thirds of the way through it.

No time now to comment on the content, except to say that the Holy Father makes it very clear that he is not well-served by Vatican PR, and knows it. Seewald tells him (what many of us felt about the Williamson affair), that the timing of the whole thing indicated a plot to discredit the Holy Father's initiative in lifting the excommunications. By whom, he does not make any suggestion. Typically, Pope Benedict makes no direct accusations, and uses expressions, like 'we did not do this well.' etc. However now we know that he is well aware of these shortcomings, we can only pray that something will be done about them. Unfortunately, as we all know, nothing was done in time for the release of this book. Pope Benedict acknowledges an awareness that the enemy lies in wait, looking for the opportunity to 'pounce on its victim'. It was not clear to me after this first reading whether he is talking about the enemy within, as well as the enemy without.

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