Thursday, December 22, 2011

To be considered in the New Year.

The futile wrong-headedness of comparing this pontificate with the previous one.


Pastor in Valle said...

Amen. I have often thought so. But such is human nature.

A very blessed Christmas to you.

Jane said...

Thank you Father. And with thy spirit!

Genty said...

Copmparisons, as they say, are odious. In this instance, also irrelevant because without the one there would not have been the other.
Thanks for all your perceptive thoughts.
A very happy Christmas to you and yours and a blessed 2012.

Jane said...

Thank you Genty.
With warm reciprocal prayers and greetings for Christmas and the New Year,

pelerin said...

A very Happy Christmas to you Jane.

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!

I do hope we will be able to meet up again in the New Year.

Jane said...

Thanks Pelerin. Hope you received my greeting via a Franciscan ecard in your inbox! I too hope 2012 will give us the chance to meet again.

God bless,

pelerin said...

Not yet Jane - have just checked my in box and nothing yet! Probably somewhere in the ether but thank you in advance. I wish I knew how to send these!

Jane said...

Pelerin: That's a shame. I must have mistyped the address. Sill try again.
The cards are easy to send and in my experience (until now)totally reliable. Simply google Franciscan ecards, go to their site and follow instructions when you get there. Good choice of cards for Christmas too.

pelerin said...

Thanks Jane it arrived at 11.41 just now. A beautiful picture. I shall investigate how to send ready for next year!

Jane said...


so glad it arrived and that you like it. Yes, I had missed a digit out of the address.
btw they have cards for many othe events, not just Christmas. Worth having a look.