Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Immediate future of the 'Oasis'

Within two or three days I will sign a contract with a publisher that will commit me to have a text ready for them within the next 6 weeks. This means that from now until mid-Lent blogging must definitely take a back seat. The projected text must take priority. That said, I do not know at this stage whether the writing will be difficult, or easy, or somewhere in between. But  I do know from past experience that when I'm writing, I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Be assured though that I'll keep you posted on my  progress. I have no intention of closing 'The Oasis'  but at this stage must say that I can't promise more than one post a week between now and early March.. I will of course let you know details of the publication and where you can buy it later on. It should be available in May. (Next post here will probably be  in about a week.)

God bless you , and please pray for me, as  I do for all of you.

In Christo pro Papa



Honest catholic said...

Why don't you do the world a favour and give up blogging completely? It's not as if many people read your inate ramblings anyway.

Catholic Club said...

F*** off you bigot, good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting to know that you have a writing project in hand! One post a week will be fine; I certainly understand. I'm not writing a book, but I am now studying Italian intensively, so I know what complete concentration means.
Please keep the Oasis going, because, as you know, we need REAL Catholicism!!!!
Love and blessings- Hoka2_99 Mary

Anonymous said...

Great news that you will not be sharing any more pearls of wisdom with us for some time.
The damage that you and your fellow Taliban Catholics in the so called 'Guild' have done to our Faith, is unforgivable. Your hatred of ordinary Catholics, homosexuals, the EF Mass comes across strongly in your posts, as it does on other rabid traddie bloggs, Yours is not Catholicism, it is something dark and arrogant.
So, don't delay off you go, post no more and spare us all!!!!!!!!!

On the side of the angels said...

wishing you all our thoughts, prayers and love x