Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brief comment on this morning's General Audience and the Holy Father's thanking us for our previous difficult times.

His thanks were indeed heartfelt and very moving, but I sense they enshrined a warning that another difficult time will shortly be upon him, and therefore on us. I do not think an announcement about the SPPX is far in the distance. It may come before the next Audience. He has warned us and we must be ready to pray for him and defend him with every means at our disposal.

Anyway they'll all show their true colours or keep quiet when the announcement comes. I'll be keeping quiet and lovingly obedient to 'Peter's' request, will continue to pray intensely and incessantly for him

God bless our Pope.

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Seaneinn said...

I pray for our Holy Father every morning walking over London Bridge, invoking the Saints and Martyrs of England and Wales. God bless our Holy Father.