Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Father Mark is 'on the mend'! Thank you for your prayers

I was vastly relieved last night to hear that Father is getting better under the care of two excellent Irish specialists and has actually managed to say Mass and his Office and spend time before the Blessed Sacrament. Dom Benedict, the recently professed novice at Silversream, now has flu and is also confined to bed. Hilda, the Monastery dog, pays regular visits to each sick room.

I know you will thank God for Father's recovery and pray now for Dom Benedict, and others who are helping the small community to cope during this difficult time.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the news. I'm one of Father's Oblate's here in the states, and I had no idea he was still under the weather. I thought he'd recovered weeks ago. May I ask how you found out?

Jane said...

Jon: Happy to meet you.

Fr emailed me a couple of weeks ago to say he was ill in bed with the recurrence of his perennial problem. I asked for prayers on this blog. and told Father we were praying for him. Not having heard from him again I was desperately worried about him and wrote pleading with him for news. He emailed a couple of days ago to give me the latest and to instruct me to 'be at peace'/ so this news is as up to date as possible. He reads the Oasis blog regularly so will know of your kind enquiry.

Anonymous said...

Jane: Ditto that, and thanks!