Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'My Lord and the Angel' by Rosie Martin

An Encoumter at Harvington Hall.

"In 1921 a ten year old girl came across and explored a mysterious and almost derelict moated manor-house in Worcestershire. There she met a venerable figure who was addressed as 'My Lord' and was so like her childish image of God that she thought he was God. Now aged eighty-six, E.Rose Martin has written a vivid and imaginative account of that childhood adventure which has shaped the whole of her life.

The encounter with  'My Lord' at Harvington Hall started her 'enduring quest'. Throughout her life she returned when she could to her beloved Harvington. Always in her mind was to write about her experience and the way it shaped her life."

This book was a Christmas present, given by one of my dear spiritual 'sisters' in Birmingham. That is one reason I already know it is a treasure without having read it yet. Another reason is that I have examined it thoroughly and know what it is about. It is a tale that reaches back into English recusant History, and therefore is required reading for me, particularly since +'Little John' Owen is one of its main protagonists. The domestic demands of the Season just past have kept me away from it until now. Today, in the peace and quiet of a snowy January afternoon, I am at last settling down to enjoy it. 

I will review it when the reading is complete. If you do not already know the story and are impatient to read it, try Amazon via right hand sidebar link,  or write to the publishers: Grant Books, Droitwich, Worcs. WR9 OPQ


A Catholic Comes Home said...

Bought it from Amazon arrived today.Look forward to reading it!

Jane said...

Good! I think you'll enjoy it as much as I am doing! A surprisingly tense and intense read. I'm about half way through. So it will be next week before I comment on it.

Happy New year,

Anonymous said...

There are only four copies available from Amazon, all used. Is this book in print?


Jane said...

YES,I believe it is still in print.

Happy hunting!