Monday, February 11, 2013


On Thursday I had the last of a series of hospital tests. Scans showed that unknown to me, I have suffered several minor strokes.
Permanent medication has been prescribed to avoid the situation getting worse. 

I will not be blogging during this period of initial recovery and adjustment to necessary changes in my life style. 

Thank you all for your readership in the past, and for your prayers for which I am even more grateful and indebted.

In the meantime, have a fruitful and Holy Lent.
Until The Annunciation, when I hope to be well enough to post again.  

Pray for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI  


Dorothy B said...

Well, Jane, at least you have a diagnosis. God bless and take care of you, and I hope this period of rest will help you to restore yourself in every possible way. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

With love,
Dorothy B

Jane said...

Thank you so much, Dorothy.
I have just read about the Holy Father's retirement and am totally wiped out by the news!

He will always be in my prayers.

Richard Collins said...

Keeping you in my prayers Jane.

Genty said...

Dear Jane, Always in my prayers! My mother had at least a couple of minor strokes - transient ischemic attacks - in late middle years. She reached a grand age.
The good thing about the diagnosis is that you'll receive the correct treatment and will be on the medics' watching brief.