Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cardinal Newman Beatification: Birmingham UK May 2, 2010?

From all accounts: CNS Simon Caldwell; Clerical Whispers; Fr. Blake (St. Mary Magdalene), it's looking very probable. Odd that nobody seems to connect this event with another one, the logistics of which we were told some months ago, are being discussed between the Vatican and the British Government. Yes, I'm thinking of the proposed State visit of Benedict XVI to the UK next year. I will, DV, make sure to be in Birmingham on the appointed date, not just to see Cardinal Newman beatified, but, as is my fervent prayer, to see Pope Benedict officiate at the ceremony.

Oh well, on prie et on va voir.


Mac McLernon said...

Jane, the Holy Father doesn't do Beatifications - he changed things fairly recently, and Beatifications are done by the local Bishops/Cardinals. It helps to maintain a distinction between Canonisation (which the Pope does, and it's infallible) and Beatification.

Jane said...

Thanks Mac. Yes I know these things, although I don't think St. Teresa's parents were done by a local. It was a Cardinal but He wasn't French - as far as I can remember he was Italian. At first we were told it was going to be Cardinal Castrillon but in the end he stayed in Rome and did the FSPP ordinations that day.

Anyway, is there any reason why the current recent practice should be frozen in stone?..........

btw have a great long holiday!

pelerin said...

Yes, I think we in Britain are being over optimistic that Pope Benedict will be coming for the Beatification ceremony of Cardinal Newman.

As Mac says - he no longer does Beatifications. I watched the recent one televised on kto of the nun who founded the Soeurs Bleues de Castres and although the Papal Legate was present, the Mass was celebrated by the local archbishop.

Hope you have 'battened down the hatches' Jane as I see there is an Orange alert for 50 departements tonight! Wonder whether it will reach the south coast here? Take care!

Jane said...


Thanks for the weather alert. It is boiling hot but not stormy. We are told to expect storms tomorrow. however, I'll take note of your wrning.

On the Beatification, I will continue to pray! I'm sure the HF will do something special about it, even if not the actual beatification. As I say, on va voir!