Friday, July 17, 2009

Pope Benedict has fractured his wrist

h/t to Pelerin for alerting me to this. She'd heard about it on French news. The Vatican says it happened when he fell in his room last night. He went to the local hospital this morning after offering Mass and having breakfast. It is not a serious fracture, according to the report and he is expected to return to the chalet at Les Combes later today.


Fiona said...

Got quite a fright when I heard this last night. Although I must say that, fracture apart, he looks very well.

I've sent an email to your probenoit16 address.

Jane said...

Hello Fiona! Welcome back. Been thinking I ought to email you!

Yes he does look well in spite of the recent fall. Thank God.

Jane said...

Dear Fiona:

Nothing's come through yet on the benoit16 address. Try:
or message on here.
Really do want to know how you've been doing!

Fiona said...

Are these messages not perhaps disappearing into your spam folder.

It's re a letter from the Monsignor that I received quite unexpectedly. Yes, he did actually reply.

Will try the jane@mossendew email addy.

Jane said...


No, not going into SPAM. Anyway received your mail on the freeserve address and have replied to it from the benoit16 one. Do please let me know here whether you receive it or not.