Saturday, March 13, 2010

John Paul II beatification 'faces setback'? Not according to Chancellor of Aix-Arles Archbishop and French Bishops Conference.

On Wednesday this week the French bishops' website carried a communique from said Chancellor, Fr. Luc-Marie Lalanne, in which he denies media reports that the nun allegedly cured of Parkinson's disease through intercession of the Venerable John Paul, has suffered a relapse. Fr Lalanne states as follows:

"On behalf of the Congregation of Little Sisters of Catholic Motherhood and of the archbishop of Aix-en-Provence, I categorically deny this rumour.............Sister Marie Simon Pierre continues to be at this time in a perfect state of health." He also noted, "As the Vatican Press Office stated recently, the Roman Process on this possible miraculous cure is in its initial phase and continues on track in the normal way, with the seriousness and precision exacted by the preliminary investigations for recognition of a miracle."

The British Catholic Herald probably 'goes to bed' on Tuesday night and so was not able to include the above information in its article on the matter. This is unfortunate because although the feature does not claim to accept the media rumour, it does, unless one had already read the French Conference site, leave an impression of some scepticism regarding the like lihood of a genuine miracle.

Read an English report on the French Conference website here.

This version also states that "people who work with the 48 year old nun in a maternity ward in Paris affirmed that she is well".

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