Saturday, March 6, 2010

The 'Renaissance' of St. Romain: Part 1

For some time, two types of 'renaissance' have been growing stronger. Anyone (religious or not) who has known this village since before 2006 cannnot have failed to notice the continued and steady development of the first type, demonstrated in the building of dwellings up the road towards the cemetery, and the conversion into a village store, of one of the old barns, opposite and to the right of our front door. On the day we celebrated its opening in 2007, the Mayor announced that the next phase of building would involve the conversion of the huge barn directly opposite us into a new Mairie. The work began after the New Year just passed. Meanwhile, the church which presides over this part of the village, its true centre, has remained empty and locked, apart from on very few occasions as I have reported here over recent months. To the left of its west door is the new Mairie, at right angles to that and facing the church is the village store; to the right of the church west door is the road through the village and up to the cemetery. Our house faces the new Mairie, with the store to our right and the church to our left. In the centre of all this, enclosed by the mentioned buildings is a space the size of a large playground. Within a year it will again become the true 'Place de l'Eglise', the centre of St. Romain. The old village pump has been taken away for restoration and we are told that a small fountain will be installed in the middle of the 'Place'.

I do not for a moment suggest that the above works or changes, have anything to do with the appointment of our new Parish Priest. I could be wrong, and would be overjoyed if there does prove to be a connection, but at the moment, I strongly doubt it. I am however certain of one thing. This is not a question of coincidence. It concerns Providence, and the prayers of many, including those of my faithful commenters and other friends, that Our Lord having been here twice in recent months, knows that we cry for His permanent Presence, that we may have more frequent Mass and that in the meantime we may adore Him.

In my next post I'll try to describe and explain how it has seemed to me that the other, and supremely important second type of 'renaissance' has been unfolding.

Deo gratias!


Mark M said...

Jane, dear, I don't believe in coincidence! There's simply Providence... it's up to us to co-operate with it! God bless you!

Jane said...

Mark M

I thought I'd made it clear that I don't believe in coincidence either!!!!

God bless!

cenacle said...

Je sens monter en moi un petit désir d'aller voir sur place! En attendant, je m'unis de tout coeur à votre joie.