Saturday, April 17, 2010

Defending the Pope: Catholic launches excellent project

If you are feeling depressed and powerless in the face of the current unjust attacks on our Holy Father, and on the damage they are doing to him and to the Church, help is at hand. There IS something you CAN do, both practically and spiritually. Jeff Mirus and Phil Lawler are to be thanked and congratulated for havng put this very thorough project together. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is clear, concise, straight to the point and includes valuable links. It is laid out under five headings - Overview; To read; To discuss; To do; Documents. All are printable and available in pdf format. (All these sections are indispensable and there is a most helpful document which will reward close and concentrated reading. It lists 'dos and don'ts' to be followed when dealing with the media, local as well as national.)

The Vatican is fighting its corner; you may think it sometimes strikes the wrong note and makes things worse. After reading the document mentioned above, some may be tempted to send a copy to the Holy See Press Office! Seriously though, it needs our help at grass roots level, rather than criticism, deserved or not. Wherever you are in the English-speaking world, here is a chance to make a constructive difference. PLEASE, FOR LOVE OF GOD, OUR HOLY FAITH AND OUR HOLY FATHER, go here to reach the project.

In Christo pro Papa


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