Monday, April 19, 2010

Pope Benedict meets Maltese abuse victims:"And he put his hand on the head of each..............blessing them."

In his post "I saw the Pope weep", Father Z does a remarkable and tremendously effective thing. His attention having been drawn to a report in La Stampa on the Pope's meeting with abuse victims, he has teased out, and published, only the exact words of Lawrence Grech, and has shorn away all other comment. How refreshing, and how much nearer it brings us to the truth of the atmosphere of the meeting and what happened during it, than yards of agenda-driven secular journalistic verbiage.

A hugely grateful hat-tip to Fr.Z. Link to his post here.

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Anonymous said...

What can the critics say now? Our beloved Holy Father met the victims and cried. Surely no one believes any of the so-called "cover ups were his fault? He has worked tirelessly to stop this sort of thing in the Church. Why this and why now? We must save him from the wolves.