Saturday, October 2, 2010

Novena to Blessed John Henry Newman Day 2

Prayer of thanksgiving to the Most Holy Trinity - as Day 1

Either 'Lead Kindly Light' or 'Firmly I believe and Truly' may be sung or recited here.

Readings :

1. From Pope Benedict's homily during Mass with Beatification of Cardinal Newman at Cofton Park.

"Cardinal Newman's motto, Cor ad cor loquitur, us an insight into his understanding of the Christian life as a call to holiness, experienced as the profound desire of the human heart to enter into intimate communion with the Heart of God. He reminds us that faithfulness to prayer gradually transforms us into the divine likeness. As he wrote in one of his many fine sermons, 'a habit of prayer, the practice of turning to God and the unseen world in every season, in every place, in every emergency - prayer, I say, has what may be called a natural effect in spiritualising and elevating the soul. A man is no longer what he was before; gradually ...he has imbibed a new set of ideas, and become imbued with fresh principles' (Parochial and Plain Sermons, iv, 230-231) Today's Gospel tells us that no one can be the servant of two masters (Luke 16:13), and that Blessed John Henry's teaching on prayer explains how the faithful Christian is definitively taken into the service of the one true Master, who alone has a claim to our unconditional devotion (Matt 23:10). "

2. From Pope Benedict's address to young people outside Westminster Cathedral

"I ask you to look into your heart each day to find the source of all true love. Jesus is always there, quietly waiting for us to be still with Him and to hear His voice. Deep within your heart, He is calling you to spend time with Him in prayer. But this kind of prayer, real prayer, requires discipline; it requires making time for moments of silence every day. Often it means waiting for the Lord to speak. Even amid the busy-ness and the stress of our daily lives, we need to make space for silemce, because it is in the silence that we find God, and in silence we discover our true self. And in discovering our true self, we discover the particular vocation which God has given us for the building up of His Church and the redemption of our world."

PETITION For the Church in our countries
2.For growth and deepening of the prayer life of all her members

Blessed John Henry Newman, we thank God that our Holy Father took the opportunity to lead us to your own teaching on prayer and to show how it is essential in the discernment of our individual vocation within the Church. Your own apostolic action whilst on earth was grounded in it and was its fruit. We beg your intercession that we may learn from your example, just as our Holy Father has exhorted us. Pray for us all in our search for the Heart of God, and that through prayer we will discover the 'defintite service' which our Lord commits uniquely to every single one of us, so that we will be able to say with you: "I have my mission, I am a link in a chain, a bond of connexion between persons. He has not created me for naught. I shall do good, I shall do His work; I shall be and angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place....if I do but keep his commandments and serve him in my calling" (Meditations and Devotions, 301-2)

Add here a private petition as related to your own spiritual life and prayer.

1 Our Father; 1 Hail Mary; 1 Glory be to the Father

Holy Guardian Angels, pray for us.
Blessed John Henry Newman, pray for us. Amen

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