Monday, October 4, 2010

Novena to Blessed John Henry Newman: Day 4

Thangsgiving prayer to the Most Holy Trinity as on previous days of the Novena

From the Holy Father's homily at the Mass and Beatification of Cardinal Newman
Blessed John Henry "is worthy to take his place in a long line of saints and scholars from these islands, Saint Bede, Saint Hilda, Saint Aelred. Blessed Duns Scotus, to name but a few. In Blessed John Henry, that tradition of gentle scholarship, deep human wisdom and profound love for the Lord has borne rich fruit, as a sign of the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit deep within the heart of God's people, bringing forth abundant gifts of holiness...................................................
The definite service to which Blessed John Henry was called involved applying his keen intellect and prolific pen to many of the most pressing 'subjects of the day'. His insights into.......the need for a broadly-based and wide-ranging approach to education,.were not only of profound importance for Victorian England, but continue today to inspire and enlighten many all over the world."

Petition for Catholic Schools, Colleges and Educators

Blessed John Henry, following the example of our Holy Father, we pay grateful tribute to your 'vision for education which has done so much to shape the ethos that is the driving force behind Catholic schools and colleges today.' May that force continue to be 'firmly opposed to any reductive or utilitarian approach', may we follow you in seeking to 'achieve an educational environment in which intellectual training, moral discipline and religious commitment (may) come together. We thank God for your series of discourses "'The Idea of a University" from which all those engaged in academic formation will continue to learn
We implore your intercession that our Catholic schools and colleges may be places where the Catholic ethos ......... may extend 'far beyond the self-evident requirement that the content of the teaching should always be in conformity with Church doctrine' and that the life of may be 'the driving force behind every activity in the school, so that the Church's mission may be served effectively, and the young people may discover the joy of entering into Christ's "being for others" (Spes Salvi 28).
We beg your prayers that over and above providing a rounded eduction for the whole person our schools and colleges may help all their students 'to become saints'.
(Quotes in the above petition from the Holy Father's beatification homily and his speeches at Twickenham.)

Please make your personal petition about education here.

1 Our Father; 1 Hail Mary; 1 Glory be to the Father

Saint Francis pray for us
Saint Bede, Saint Hilda, Saint Aelred and all scholar saints of the British Isles pray for us
Saint Faustina pray for us

Blessed Duns Scotus pray for us

Blessed John Henry Newman pray for us. Amen

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