Monday, October 17, 2011

Spiritual Mothers of Priests:The Oasis welcomes a new feature

Some Oasis readers may know that I have another blog that is supposed to concentrate on news which is of specific interest to Spiritual Mothers of priests and their friends.(link in right hand sidebar here) When it started, the Oasis was not half as busy as it is now, and over recent months I have been constantly worried by not having the time to maintain the other blog. I've therefore decided to bring the Spiritual Mothers into the Oasis. From now on any news which is relevant to them will appear here and not on the original Spiritual Mothers blog. I'm not going to delete the site. It has many relevant links in its sidebar, and even though I may eventually find time to duplicate them in the right hand sidebar here., I'll probably leave things as they are over there.

The last week has gone by very quickly and really I could have done with more time off to catch up spiritually and practically, but then as a retired teacher, I am used to that sensation! As it is, My intention was to post about this weekends events connected with the New Evangelisation, but the Vatican site has already published the Holy Father's promised Motu Proprio on the subject of the 'Year of Faith'. Studying that has taken up the rest of my spare time today. My only fear is that certain types of priests and bishops will give as little attention to it as they have done to some of his other initiatives. I pray that this fear proves to be unfounded.

God bless and preserve our dear Pope Benedict.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, As you know I am a spiritual mother of a Vatican monsignor in the Liturgical Office of the Holy See. I take this responsibility most seriously, so I'm pleased that you are going to incorporate the spiritual mother news and views into this blog.

I'm now going to read the motu proprio, as I didn't realise it had already been published. I'm excited about the Year of Faith.

Praying for you and your admirable work here, with love, Mary


Jane said...

Thanks Mary!

No names, no pack drill!!

Love and prayers always,