Sunday, October 30, 2011

That blasphemous Paris play: Cardinal Vingt-trois ignores Christian revulsion and condemns violent protests of 'integriste-lefebvrists'

The Cardinal, in an interview with Radio Maria, said he had not seen the play. Oh, come on your Eminence, do you really expect us to believe that you don't know that this play involves desecrating the face of Christ with human excrement? We are not interested in your partisan battles with the 'Integristes'. By all means, if you must, then take this opportunity to have a crack at them, but what we really wanted to hear from you was an absolute condemnation of the play itself. As Catholics we expected you to defend and build up the body of Christ in a Europe that is falling to pieces.

To say the least, not impressed; to say the most, devastated.

Meanwhile on the other side of 'La Manche', we have the good bishop of Shrewsbury, giving heart to our priests. Thanks be to God.  An episcopal bench is only as loyal to Peter as is the nuncio of the country in question. Prayers always for Archbishop Mennini and for his French.equivalent.


pelerin said...

I see the Bishops' spokesman, Mgr Podvin, has a short piece on the Bishops' Conference website. Summing up he seems to say 'nothing to do with us guv.' What a pity it is left to the 'integristes' to protest about this disgusting play.

When I was in Paris last weekend I knew nothing about the demonstration otherwise I would have been tempted to join them.

Jane said...

I must look into it, but I think it may have not have been a completely integriste protest. That's what irks me about Card 23's stuff. The protests in the theatre itself were definitely peaceful and non-violent. (video to prove it)
Anyway, yes I too would have been tempted to join them..

A Reluctant Sinner said...

It seems that we need to pray for the conversion not only of those who mock Christ, but also of those whom he has called to serve his Church!

I am sure that if we offer prayers of reparation for the conversion of poor sinners, at least one of those involved in this play with receive the grace of a genuine conversion of life.

As for Cardinal 23, we can only hope and pray that his abandonment of the Lord is more like Peter's than... well, you know who!

Val said...

here is what a Breton Bishop said:
l'évêque de Vannes, qui a écrit aujourd'hui :

"je ne peux que soutenir toute action visant à défendre, avec charité et fermeté, l’honneur du Christ et de l’Eglise. Je félicite et j’encourage tous ceux qui, en cohérence avec leur foi, n’hésitent pas à agir publiquement, et qui, bien que n’usant pas de violence, aussi bien verbale que physique, sont emmenés par les forces de police et placés en garde à vue, alors qu’ils manifestent, en toute justice, leur désapprobation face à des spectacles dont l’ignominie dépasse l’entendement même."

Richard Collins said...

Our hierarchy are infected with a lack of spirit, the Holy Spirit, it has to be said.
I pray that this production does not find its way to Great Britain.

Scout said...

I hear some of the Catholic protesters against the play have not not altogether been behaving themselves. eg. see

Jane said...

One would be impressed, by Cardinal 23, and the Guardian, if they give equal attention to the peaceful, non-violent protests.