Saturday, August 11, 2012

I seriously thought that the last post would be my valedictory

Well perhaps it may not be far off.  But I now  see , irreligious feminism as an utterly destructive force. Its deadly influence is all the more dangerous because it claims to follow the Gospel and to be religious., and so fools countless women. What idiots they are.

Yes, I've been following the LCWR meeting and it fills me with horror and disgust.
Horror, because at no point did any of the women 'sisters' mention Jesus or His mother.
Disgust because they sought to justify their actions in terms of power in the Church, as being unjustifiably divided between men and women..

Well, at the moment I'd give the argument to the men. Their theology and ecclesiology is streets ahead. of those of these frankly silly American women.You could of course say that women have been prevented from learning, but that does not stop women from responding sensibly when they are given the chance.

I'm afraid that sense is not a commodity that makes itself apparent in the attitude of the LCWR..Except that they know that the liberal media is on their side and they are playing that for all it is worth, Big bad Vatican; poor dear nuns.

God bless the CDF

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