Thursday, August 30, 2012

Optional Memoria (in France today) St. FIACRE

The song has nothing to do with Fiacre the patron saint of gardeners, except that. the parisian horse-drawn cab was named 'un fiacre' because the cab rank was close to the Hotel Saint Fiacre where these vehicles were first hired out.. I doubt Saint Fiacre would have approved of the words of the song. apart from anything else, from all accounts he was extremely wary of women..Tant pis! A happy feast day to all gardeners.


pelerin said...

That brought back memories although I am sure I remember it being sung by another singer whose name escapes me now. Never knew why the fiacre was called that so do now thanks to you. Strange that the video spells Sablon's name wrong twice in the intro. Did not know St Fiacre was the patron saint of gardeners. Perhaps I need to call on him to sort out my jungle!!

pelerin said...

It was Charles Trenet! And I actually prefer his version!eelst 11