Friday, October 30, 2009

"Evangelisation of the Digital Continent"? Another of Jane's flights of fancy? Not really!....

What did I tell you when months ago there were rumblings from the Vatican about WCC day? First, I posted on October 18 last year: 'Pope Benedict: Will he be the first Pope to blogificate?' And again on January 17 this year, 'Pontifical Commission for Internet Communication' , althought in the latter case, I have to say that the Holy Father's own term 'evangelisation of the digital continent' is vastly superior to mine! Of course Papa has done even better than I suggested in these semi-serious sketches, but I trust you'll concede that I was on the right lines!

btw, here are some other things that I've suggested could/would happen:

Cardinal Newman would be beatified
The Pope will visit England (I first said that, well before the invitation was issued by PM Brown)
The Beatification and visit would take place after Card. M. O'C had retired and a new Archbishop appointed.
Even though the Holy Father may not conduct the Beatification, as that is against his recent practice, it is possible that he will be present at the ceremony. There have been several recent press claims that this may happen and Fr. Lombardi associated the two events in a recent statement.
The Holy Father would do something positive for TAC in response to the appeal they made to him after the vote for women 'bishops' at the Anglican synod.

You may wonder how I have managed to be so accurate. No, I'm not Cassandra; no, I do not have a direct line to Mgr. Ganswein. So what is it? Not telling, unless anyone asks, but I will say here than many other people who get it all wrong could do with knowing the answer.

Anyway, watch this space for my next 'Flight of Fancy'!

Dry or wet rot; Card. Murphy O'Connor to Cong. for Bishops; Card. Levada; and Anglicans- in-Waiting

Please note that I've moved the link to the Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction site to the alphabetical blog list below left.

Sorry to have been away at the Spiritual Mothers blog for so long. I hoped to post properly here today on the Anglican situation, but have been rather upset by domestic problems e.g. discovery of rot in the roof space next to our house chapel. We won't know until after the weekend whether it's wet or dry. Thank God the chapel is not affected.

If anyone's reading this, I'd be most interested in opinions about the latest appointment of our Cardinal emeritus as a member of the Congregation for Bishops. Let's hope the rumours are right that Cardinal Pell is about to be appointed to head the same Congregation on the retirement of Cardinal Re.

Other news this afternoon: The Holy Father will receive Cardinal Levada in private audience this evening. Let's hope this signifies that the AC concerning the Anglicans is on the verge of publication.

Washington Post: Interesting piece on Pope Benedict by Patrick J. Deneen, and which proves you do not have to agree with the Pontiff to write an informed and fair account of his actions and motives. It's quite a substantial piece and quotes at some length from Doctor Robert Moynihan's recent letter from Rome which dealt with the same subject. The final paragraphs following the Moynihan quote are particularly refreshing. Unfortunately, the first few commenters prefer to remain within the narrow confines of their own partisanship and completely miss Deneen's point. Read the piece here I found it a surprising relief after the ignorant twaddle that's been spouted about Papa B. 'fishing in the Anglican Pond', 'sheep stealing' from their fold, and parking his tanks on the Lambeth Palace lawn. Much of this nonsense has been peddled by people who couldn't give a fish's fin or a lamb's tail about the Anglicans anyway, and merely relished the development as another opportunity for 'Catholic bashing'.

Sorry link not working yet. Will try to fix it but in meantime try Googling 'Benedict the Radical' Washington Post. That does work.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On the Feast Day of St. Therese: Congratulations to two favourite bloggers

As you know, I like to accentuate the positive wherever and whenever I can. You probably need cheering up if you have the misfortune to read the secular UK press. These two posts should do the trick. I beg you to look at both.

First is Annie at the LMS Arundel and Brighton site. She writes incisively and with brilliant logic about the idiocy of people who have been critical of the Catholic response to the visit of St. Therese's relics to the UK. I'll say no more. Just go there and enjoy. I've commented to her that she should send the post as a letter to the editors of our so-called 'quality' British newspapers and see whether any of them will have the guts or honesty to publish it.

Second is Chris Gillibrand at 'Catholic Church Conservation'. He has posted a video: 'At the name of Jesus'. All I'll say is, it's a sermon by a priest about the Blessed Sacrament. Again, go there and enjoy!

God bless you Annie and Chris. The Holy Father would be proud of you if he knew about your posts. Come to think of it, it's more likely now that he may know, than say nine months ago.

Both blogs are in the sidebar bloglist here.

And of course on St. Therese's day, we thank God that Birmingham will have Bernard Longley as Archbishop and that his inauguration will be on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception this year. Deo gratias.

Re: Archbishop-elect of Birmingham: Update on the Bishops Conference site

The link now takes you to the Bishops Conference home page. Enter Bishop Bernard Longley in the search field and when his page comes up, click "Announcements page'.

Archbishop-elect Bernard Longley: video of today's interview

You can find the Bishops Conference press release announcing the imminent move of Bishop Bernard Longley here. There is also a link to the transcript of the video as well as to the video itself. Thanks to the Bishops for making these things available so quickly. And thanks to the Holy Father for making a swift and welcome appointment.