Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lefebvrians: One step closer to Rome ...and to a division?

Lefebvrians: One step closer to Rome ...and to a division?

'Rome Reports' is very useful, but I am infuriated with this presentation, particularly from the French journalist de Mounier of 'La Croix'.. Same old stuff and I'm afraid an unforgiveable misrepresentation of the truth. Apart from anything else, you would think from what he says, that the SSPX only exists in France, that it is some kind of minute monarchist movement.. But then La Croix is run by the French bishops Conference, but am I wrong? As Claude Rains famously said, 'Round up the usual suspects.'.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Life through 6 Papacies 2: Pope John XXIII: Updated with comment

I chose this video clip because the Byrds hit song perfectly evokes for me the atmosphere of the 1960s. It was all about peace and justice, CND and 'If I had a hammer'.. I don't like the text that accompanies the clip because it seems to hijack Pope John for its own agenda and to characterise him in a narrow way.. To say that the Council he initiated has 'guided', the Church to the present day, is to me a misuse of that verb, unless you take guidance  as leading to confusion and conflict, which the Church herself is still struggling to heal.

Of course the trouble with a series like this is that one has to separate what one felt and believed at the time, from what one KNOWS now. In all conscience one has to admit that pre-conciliar Catholics were not well informed. They had no reason not to trust the Church. Most of us had to rely on the 'Universe'; the 'Catholic Herald' was not widely read and in the 60s the 'Tablet' was generally regarded as the priest's preserve. The result was that in England at any rate Catholics to whom 'obedience' was second nature, could do nothing but go along with the changes. All I can say is that there must have been many modernists lurking in sacrisities and side-chapels who merely kept quiet until they saw their opportunity. They must have been very clever because I can honestly say that in the pre-council days I saw no hint in my parish that priests or people were longing for the changes that came inexorably and quite brutally as the decade neared its close.

To me it seemed that the minute I was received, the Church began to dismantle herself. She seemed to have taken leave of her sense of psychology which I had always admired in her.. It certainly didn't feel like 'remewal' to me. It just felt as if things were going badly wrong. And Blessed John XXIII notwithstanding., I'm afraid that they did.

At least now, thanks to the internet, and as long as it serves us, no pressure group within the Church will be able to 'pull the wool'  unchallenged ever again.

Apparently Blessed John XXIII is quoted as saying that he didn't want collaborators; he wanted executors. Well, he was granted his wish in probably the most agonised Pope of the six under discussion here, namely Papa Montini...

Spiritual Mothers of Priests CR News 13 : Vocations Day'

ZENIT - This Sunday Is 'Pray for Vocations Day'
Item includes The Holy Father's message to mark the occasion. Tomorrow morning he will ordain new priests for the Diocese of Rome. Watch on EWTN or KTO.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A life in the context of 6 papacies: I: The last years of Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli 1951-58)

1958 and I am 15, already converted to the Faith but not yet received because of paternal opposition. I know Pope Pius only from the huge portrait that hangs in the main parlour of the Howard Hill house of the Daughters of Charity in Sheffield, where I received Instruction. It is good to be able to see this footage now. At the time of course, it was not available.

Spiritual Mothers of Priests: CR News 12

Congregation for Clergy addresses priests before World Prayer day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Benedict XVI. Inauguration (Intronizzazione) 24.04.2005 + full version

Habemus papam. Treasured moments.

As Dr Robert Moynihan  (ITV magazine) recently prayed, 'Please God another seven years!'

In Christo pro Papa.

Silverstream Priory Alert

Please don't miss Father Mark's latest posts and photos. Link to 'Vultus Christi' in sidebar here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

More Media tosh re the LCWR

The MSM. in the States at least, is determined to characterise our Pope as Benedict the bully, who has unleashed his pack of baying CDF hounds onto those poor little American 'nunnybuns' who make up the LCWR.  It's absolute rubbish of course and I cannot recommend highly enough Diane's closer look at the CDF's Doctrinal Assessment and their hopes that the group will renew itself. Please go there! And then after imbibing some great common sense and accurate reporting, have a decent night's sleep.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19, 2005

It was a Wednesday, if memory serves and I was at school until late. The GCSE folders/ modearation pot was coming to the boil.and we were about to enter the written exam season. I had not seen the funeral of Pope John Paul II, having been travelling back from Easter holidays in France on that day.  I did not find the news of the election until I staggered exhausted into the flat at well gone 7pm.. I still don't know how I found the news on the computer. At that point I wasn't an internet user and up until then had only used the word processing function on the computer in connection with my books, the third of which had just been published.. But somehow, feverish fingers notwithstanding, find it I did. I think it may have been the BBC because the commentator had an English accent, and I was immediately irritated by his sneering tone and his obvious ignorance or the procedure as it unfolded... Judging from the time, I think I must have seen a recording. and not the live event. But then Cardinal Medina took over. And it was quite obvious from his mien that whoever he was going to announce met with his full approval. He hardly smiled once, and yet the aides around him appeared not to be able to keep themselves from grinning. It was as if they were bursting with a big juicy secret.that was about to be shared with the whole world. When H.E. Cardinal Medina pronouced the word 'Josephum' and then left  a 'coach and horses' pause before continuing,, my heart missed a beat. Like many people I had been 'prepared' by the media, and I'm afraid, the Church at home, to think this was impossible. And yer here it was, happening in front of my very eyes and ears.. And then when our beloved new Pope Benedict came out and addressed the universal Church for the first time in terms of such humility, I thought ,he's going to have an uphill battle, but he IS God's choice. He looked happy even though we later knew that he did not want this to happen to him and had begged God when he felt the conclave moving in an inexorable direction, not to ask its of him. It is seven years ago. Dear Pope Benedict, thank God He did ask you and that you, our beloved Holy Father, did accept His will..

But it was not until the inaugural Mass that I saw what kind of Papacy this would be and that it would definitely not be one of biding time, or of waiting for someone more effective or any of that nonsense.

April 19 2005 was the best day in my Christian life. Deo Gratiss.


God bless our Pope!. May he have a peaceful anniversary and continue in strength and courage as our chief shepherd. Pray for him without ceasing.

Thanks for comments so far on your memories of Pope Benedict's election

I hope for more later and will put my own up before the end of today's glorious anniversary.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What are your memories of April 19, 2005? Please share in the com box

My own memories will follow. I will send the whole package to the Holy Father

Nervous of premature celebration

It seems from Fr. Lombardi's statement this morning that Bishop Fellay has indeed signed the 'Preamble', but according to earlier 'Vatican Insider' speculations certain additions were inserted in that said response. We know neither the contents of the 'Preamble' nor the specifics of the recent additions. Now we must wait at least a couple of weeks for the CDF to chew it all over and then the matter will again go before the Pope. This battle is not over yet and I feel it is unwise to express an outburst of unconfined joy at the present juncture. Rather, let our prayers be increased and intensified, for Pope Benedict, Bishop Fellay, and for the Unity of Holy Mother Church.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Benedict XVI: the Resurrection helps us forge ahead

Today in the Pauline Chapel.


For our beloved Holy Father on his 85th birthday. Ad multos annos!

Friday, April 13, 2012

An uncomfortable papal birthday ahead

That is if the SSPX keeps to the expected deadline on Sunday and if the pundits are right that this is the last call.

I simply do not see the Society being willing to regularise via a Prelature. 'Liberal' bishops would have so much influence over its future as to make thatt a suicidal option for the Society. And what would be the point of allowing them back simply to kill them, unless of course you are a liberal bishop! OTOH an Ordinariate would assure them of much greater and directly papal protection. We have seen how essential this has been with the UK Ordiariate. I will continue to pray that an Ordinariate is being pursued as a solution. As so many commenters have pointed out, it is ludicrous that the Society is having to go through this trial and remain officially outside the Church whilst brazenly self declared dissenters who have no regard for the magisterium, or the person and/or authority of the Holy Father remain in 'good standing. Whatever happens, it won't be easy and  I'm afraid that the trouble will be fomented by the so called 'liberal' wing if the Society comes back into the Church. Orthodox catholics of most stripes will welcome them back as allies, believing that the Church desperately needs their help. I believe it has been Pope Benedict's dream all along to bring them back. As Cardinal Ratzinger, he is reported to have wept when Archbishop Lefebvre did his last minute volte face one Roman morning all those years ago. If at this late hour he still can't heal this rift and he can't get these dissenters into line, his papacy, as I suggested last night, will be regarded as a waste of time. However it the Church continues down its present road......well it doesn't bear thinking about.

No time for more today.

With my prayers that our Holy Father may have the best of possible birthdays in these difficult circumstances.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

'The Church will not be renewed by dissent': Pope Benedict Maundy Thursday 2012

But she continues to be damaged by it. Longer post tomorrow covering the recent actions and statements of Cardinals Wuerl and Schonborn, plus the unhelpful article , to say the least ,in the Japan Times by the editor of 'The Universe', positing that the Pope has lost his way in his guidance of the Church..  He has not lost HIS way. The faithful are in grave danger of losing theirs unless they wake up and follow their Shepherd.

Added to all that we have the prospect in the next couple of days of movement concerning the SPPX.

I think we have reached a turning point and that history will record that the papacy of Benedict XVI, although it may appear to be a failure in its time, in future years will be seen in quite another light..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Now is Christ arisen!

"Had Christ that once was slain
Ne'er burst His three day prison
Our faith had been in vain."

But now is Christ arisen! He is risen indeed!

A happy and holy Eastertide everybody. Deo gratias!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snatch of conversation from a near perfect marriage

Tonight in St Romain:
 Me to my husband: ' Why do I still love you? I must be mad!'

Response from husband: ' Stay with me. I married you because I was sick of sane people.'

(It sounded to me as if he intended 'sane' to be in inverted commas. It made me very happy.  I can  do with any amount of this madness.)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Adapting to changes at Blogger

Yesterday was a bit of a shock and I realised it would take me some time to get used to the new format of the old blogger dashboard. I suppose that by the end of Holy Week I'll feel a bit more confident with it.

In the morning I went to Mass in Chalais. The church was packed and there were many men in the congregation. Why then, was the Passion according to St Mark read entirely by women, apart from the words of Our Lord which were read by the priest? At the very least I was affronted by the unnecessary lack of equity and balance in this. I am considering an email to the priest asking him why and how this exclusion of male readers was allowed to happen.