Friday, May 21, 2010

A busy day in St. Romain

Suffice to say that it is Pentecost in two days' time, but on Tuesday I was informed there would be a wedding in our church, the first one for at least five years, on the day preceding the Solemnity, for which I'd already decided to make a bit of a floral fuss, - for Our Lord, you understand. Unfortunately our locals do not yet come to adore Him..

Yesterday, I did the greenery collection and arranged the backgrounds in the vases and today hauled up from the garden, buckets of roses with which to complete the displays. When I arrived with the first load, Abbe Marchand was there waiting to greet the nuptial pair and take them through a rehearsal. And so it happened that I did the remaining floral work, hidden in Our Lady's chapel with Our Lord, whilst he gave them their last instruction before their marriage. They were in front of the high altar with him, and sufficiently far away for me not to be able to hear what was being said, only the steady hum of their voices. And meanwhile, I got on with the little bit of work it was my privilege and pleasure to do. So peaceful, so right, so normal, those young ones, guided by a priest of Our Lord in preparation to embrace the sacrament of marriage, and the 'old handmaid' in the background doing her stuff!

Before they finished, I took away a bucket of discarded foliage. When I came back with a broom to sweep away all the little bits and pieces from the chapel floor, the Abbe was in his car and about to drive off. Just as I approached the church door he lowered his window and said to me, (translation) " I find what you have done, most beautiful. Thank you." And all the time with a seraphic smile on his young face. I know he understands why I do it, and with God's help, I always will. It's nothing to do with his saying nice things to me so that I can puff up my feathers. I trust in Our Lord that Abbe Marchand knows that mine aims to be a quiet participation. So why am I telling you this? Just, I suppose, so that you can be certain that it exists. God help me.

Tomorrow, I hope to comment on Communion at the Holy Father's Masses, and the latest news about the forthcoming Mass in Coventry. It would have been done today, but as you see other matters have intervened. Deo gratias.

In Christo pro Papa


umblepie said...

Nice post Jane, I can almost see the flowers from here-'rosa mystica'.

epsilon said...

Absolutely beautiful. Another reason is it allows others to take heart that we may find a way of being in our local churches in spite of what's going on around us.