Sunday, May 9, 2010

Volcanic Dust Cloud heading for Lisbon and Rome

This according to our French Sunday newspaper 'Sud-Ouest Dimanche.' If the prevailing wind continues in an easterly direction, both cities may have flight problems and the Holy Father's trip may have to be postponed. Northern Spain is already affected. Madrid is OK so far but 19 airports including Barcelona, are closed.

Here in the S.E. Charente we are just on the edge of the cloud. Bergerac Airport in the Dordogne is already closed.

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Anonymous said...

With fifteen airports in Spain closed and others in northern Portugal and northern Italy, I do feel that it would be best to postpone the Papal visit to Portugal. The safety of our beloved Pontiff is of paramount importance.
After the recent concert he asked everyone to pray for the sixth year of his papacy, so that he may complete the work he has started. We need to be sure of his safety.