Sunday, May 30, 2010

Music for the Beatification Mass

First of all many thanks to commenters on my earlier post about this matter, paricularly to 'Anonymous' who gave me a very useful and important link. By the time I followed it, yesterday afternnon, the latest revised list had been published on Holy Smoke. There seems to be general agreement that it is far better than many of us had feared and I concur in that. Here is the link to and once there you can go to ABCM Rehearsal Resources and listen to the tunes (all four parts available separately where relevant). When I last looked, the list was still awaiting final approval from Rome. (Mark, I knew the 'back story' and felt the English were being lazy. That's all. At least we have a strong piece of Byrd, some Gregorian chant, some sound hymns and the wonderful Papa Haydn at the end. Please forgive me for wanting a scrap of Tallis, whose absence from the list I still mourn!)

I agree with Anonymous that some of the 'invective' expressed about the 'pre-MacMillan plan' arose through selective reporting and perhaps through the unfortunate naming of Nick Bayly's blog about the subject. I do hope that my own post was not counted as invective by Anonymous or any of my readers and assure you all that I wrote in sorrow and hope, not anger!

See also The New Liturgical Movement for comment about the apparent absence of sung Propers from the proposed Mass.

Have just discovered that the link destination given above, has changed since yesterday. Will try to sort this out before the end of today.

Next post, probably 'Vexed Issues 4', on Tuesday, D.V.

In Christo pro Papa

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