Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rendering unto Caesar.......................

Ever since the Office in church this morning, I've been haring about like a mad thing today, making arrangements to pay the latest electricity bill which I had not realised was so imminent. This involved a morning trip into Aubeterre to transfer the money between accounts, and after that was sorted, there was the weekly shopping trip this afternoon. (Everything takes so long here because of distances and a sort of 'Lady Fortescue sensation' comes over me at these times.) It was a vast relief to return from the latter in time for Holy Hour before cooking supper. Thank goodness I usually remember to put "DV" when promising future posts. Fotunately on Sunday and Monday I had more or less completed the flower arrangements in church for Corpus Christi, and it looked really good for the Visitation yesterday. I will finish it tomorrow morning before the broadcast General Audience. I just wish you could all share the perfume of the roses which surround Our Lord in the chapel of the His Blessed Mother in our little church. Tomorrow afternoon is given over to teaching so I think it will be Thursday before I post again.

In Christo pro Papa

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cenacle said...

Oh, dear Jane! It sounds lovely. How wish you could do the flowers for the oratory of our little monastery! The roses here are coming out one by one, so there is no way to make bouquet. I try to arrange them in groups of three and place them close to the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.