Sunday, June 27, 2010

Confession time:

I'm afraid I have to admit that for the past two or three weeks I have not been very well. I'd hoped that whatever it is would have cleared up by now. If it doesn't improve within the next few days I will have to see the doctor. I tell you only to explain my relative silence during a particularly difficult time for the Church and for our Holy Father.

In the meantime, God bless all here. Please pray for me.

In Christo pro Papa


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
Praying for you and your complete recovery. We need you and we need these blogs, as do the priests and all the Catholics and most of all, our Holy Father. But you must not worry too much about him - the Lord and Our Lady and his guardian angel are with him always.
Love and prayers,

Mac McLernon said...

Praying for you. Get well soon xxx

Annie said...

Prayers for you, lots of love xxx

Dorothy said...

I hope you feel better very soon.
Prayers and good wishes.

Jane said...

Thanks so much for these messages and the ones I've received privately. Have felt a bit better today. But will definitely see the doctor this week. Three male friends are 'holding a gun to my head' in that regard!

Pastor in Valle said...

Get well soon, God bless you.