Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday's Sibelius: Inspiration, explanation, reflection

I turned 67 on Sunday and would not be mentioning it now, but for the fact that I need to thank everyone who sent me messages on Facebook. I was very surprised indeed and was thus lifted out of the doldrums! Paul aka OTSOTA sent me a link to part of Sibelius' 6th Symphony, saying that it made him feel alive and young. I don't think Paul realised that Sibelius is one of my favourite symphonic composers. Anyway Paul's gift inspired me to find two other favourite bits which would express my feelings before and after its receipt that day.

'Valse Triste' definitely reflected my morning mood. So many memories of the past 'waltzes' of life are wrapped up in this piece. And the graphics on the video were a reminder of things that currently worry me, attack the Faith and threaten to deny Catholics in England and Wales the chance to assist at the Holy Father's Masses, when he visits the UK in September. There is a sensation that they are being penned in and prevented from showing him how much he is loved. The flat promontory of rock being thus threatened by the fierceness of an inimical ocean brought all this to mind. I could not avoid equating that rock with Pope Benedict, the rock that is Peter.

Then I had to find an 'afterwards' video. The Colin Davis chose itself really for several reasons. Sir Colin is British and is junior to the Holy Father by only five months. At about the same age both men decided how they would dedicate their lives. Added to that, he was once conductor of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. He is noted as a conductor of Sibelius and for his work with youth orchestras. In this video he has brought the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra to a Prom at the Royal Albert Hall. They are full of energy and talent and irrepressible in their enthusiasm and love of making music. And they seem genuinely bowled over by the warmth of the reception they are given by the Prom audience.

Meanwhile, the Holy Father undauntedly 'keeps at it'. See the text of his homily at Sunday's ordination here and his outline of the duties of a bishop given last week at the ad limina of the Brazilian episcopate here.

All in all Sunday was a beautiful day. A truly Holy Father, good friends and good music. What more can one ask on one's birthday!? Or any day for that matter?

(And Paul, thanks for the Mahler link as well.)

God bless alll here. Hope you are having a happy and holy feast. St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More pray for the Holy Father and for us his British flock.

In Christo pro Papa.


Anonymous said...

My parish is dedicated to Saint John Fisher, for whom I have a particular love - the ONLY bishop who refused to collude with Henry VIII in his heresy.

Dear Jane - still no email from you. Are you having email problems?

Love and prayers,

Jane said...

My dear Mary,

No am not having problems with email, at least many ARE coming through. I emailed you a test one. Obviously it didn't get to you. It left my outbox and was not returned to me. Don't know what to suggest. I'll try again though.

Miss you!!