Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lourdes update

As I type, kto is showing its live daily broadcst of the Rosary. The statue is still in position and the priest is standing directly below it asusual. There seems to be no evidence of limited access to the site. Perhaps access is limited EXCEPT when the Rosary is in progress. Sorry about the false alarm.


pelerin said...

Jane - have a look at the right hand list of Masses on the official Lourdes site. There it says that from 6 - 15h the grotto will be worked on to stabilise the rock and that from 15 until 6 in the morning it will be open to pilgrims. I think I'll watch the webcam tomorrow before 3 and see how they put the statue back up!

On the same site there was/is? a short film showing the expert mountaineers scaling the grotto and examining it for loose rocks. I must admit to never giving safety a thought there but nice to know the authorities are making it secure.

Jane said...

Thanks Pelerin. Obviously better to rely on you, rather than on French local press! I wish kto could have said something.

H.E 23 was at the Audience this morning, sphynx-like as ever!! He was there to accompany some Paris seminarians.

pelerin said...

Have just had a look at the live webcam and the statue is still there with the men working overhead. It has not been removed. There are ropes dangling down but as the web cam is fixed you can't see the men working above.

Must have a look at the Audience when I have time but got to write my 1000 words today - always leave it till the last minute and must get it done before this evening!

Kind comment but I merely quoted from the official website! Your local press sounds like ours!

pelerin said...

Just having a break away from the typewriter and the web cam has moved back so you can now see the men working above the grotto. There are nets under them. At the moment there is a cameraman just arrived filming.

It's like being a fly on the wall! Although the webcam is not hidden I think a lot of people are not aware of it. I have watched people on the webcam having long conversations on their phone in front of the Grotto and seemingly oblivious of the camera. Mobiles are supposed to be banned there but sadly they are a constant interruption.

One more look then back to the typewriter - only 300 more words to go!