Saturday, January 22, 2011

News from Pelerin via the Lourdes webcam

Pelerin alerted me to a slight change at the Grotto. She writes:
'The statue has been covered in netting and the altar protected with a tarpaulin so they are still working above. Have just watched a man talking and laughing on his mobile, facing the camera and he has just been told off and sent on his way by one of the workmen.'

The webcam is 24/7 and can be easily found at the Home page of the official Lourdes website -

Thanks Pelerin! Have just been watching and seen a sizeable group troop by behind the altar like all pilgrims (French soldiers I think). They were standing quietly and respectfully listening to a talk when I left just now. Not a mobile in sight!


A Catholic Comes Home said...

Dear Jane,
E.F Mass will be celebrated at St.John's cathedral Portsmouth beg.February,and will continue to be celebrated throughout the year.At last Jane,at last!

Jane said...

Dear Sandy,
thanks for letting me have this splendid news. Thanks be to God.