Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pope Benedict to celebrate his Diamond Jubilee of Ordination (29. 06.51) June 29, 2011

Is that not right? That is, almost two months after the joy of the beatification of Venerable John Paul II, and the expected 2,000,000 pilgrims have departed from Rome.

Characteristically our Holy Father will probably want to celebrate the personal milestone quietly with his brother Georg, ordained on the same day. But none of us will forget.

In Christo pro Papa


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane - I certainly shall not forget the Diamond Jubilee of our Holy Father's priestly ordination. I intend to be in Rome for June 29th. It's a very special day and year for the Holy Father and his brother, who were ordained together on that day in 1951. For me this is the high point of the year.

Thank you for your lovely, sensible blog! Love, Mary xxxx

Jane said...

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your comment. How I wissh I could be in rome with you. If we sell the house in time, I may be able to afford it. Prayers required!

xxxx x