Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ireland, you have been robbed of the mass!

Very many thanks to Richard  Collins for posting this video at 'Linen on The Hedgerow' this morning. I'm reposting it here because I think as many people as possible should view it, whether or not they have seen it before.

Click here to read Richard's post.

Of course for forty years I mourned the almost complete loss of Latin from the Church's liturgy. However what is really upsetting in this clip is the Abbot's repetition of his Father General's instruction from Rome, namely that the Mass was from now on to be seen as a 'symbolic ritual'. When this is repeated to the gathered faithful it is like watching their Catholicism being brutally ripped from them.



David O'Neill said...

I recall that film so very well. Perhaps now would be the time to send a copy to EVERY BISHOP in the Church

Jane said...

Indeed it may be. Will ask around to see what people think, but AFTER the Gernan trip which is going to be wonderfully concentrating all our minds for the next four days!

Anonymous said...

As Richard states, we may be surprised by the ending of the film. I was. I have the DVD. The ending proves that the intention of the film makers was possibly to discredit Catholicism. But if you forget the ending and remember only Cyril Cusack's "worthy of an Oscar" few minutes, you'll know that that is the real truth. Yes, every Catholic should see this clip. So many of my fellow parishioners regard the Eucharist as "symbolic". They have told me so, without any shame. One lady said she likes Mass in the parish room in winter" because it's more like a meal" Harrumph!!!!!

Mary Hoka2_99

Eugenie Roth said...

... you speak in English, French, German with your neighbour - and you speak in Latin with GOD.
My English is too poor to watch the whole film. But THIS was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.