Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why doesn't the leadership of the Catholic church in England truly follow the Pope?

There are many possible reasons, political and ideological.. But until they change their tune, I mean really change it, and put unity with Peter as their supreme goal, I'm afraid we will continue to flounder. I am sick at heart that our Pope continues to say one thing whilst the BCEW goes on saying something quite different. Liturgically they seem determined to oppose him. Why? I don't know. I am an English Roman Catholic, before I am an English catholic person.. I don't want to be critical of Archbishop Nichols, but he just doesn't command the same loyalty as that I bear toward our Holy Father Benedict.XVI. He could of course command that same loyalty.........

Enough for tonight. A bit depressed as you can no doubt tell. Sorry.


Richard Collins said...

I agree totally Jane, it is depressing but it is also uplifting - because we are able to accept the challenges of being a Catholic in times of repression.

Jane said...

Thanks Richard. Of course you're right, and I think the next post at Vultus Christi, later today possibly, will help to channel the depression by turning it into spiritually constructive grief.

God bless