Friday, September 23, 2011

Tonight's Mass in Berlin:

 What a liturgical and musical 'carve up'. I thought Mgr Krajewski would explode at one point. Mgr Guido Marini kept his cool, but how did it get past him? He must be chewing his pillow tonight. Or perhaps the Holy Father said beforehand, 'We'll have to let them do this.' And so they were all able to endure it.


Anthony Bidgood said...

Dear Jane,

I have been watching some of the Papal mass live in Berlin on Deutsche Welle, mainly the Holy father's homily. What struck me about the broadcast was that it concentrated on the papal visit, the 'protesters' received less than thirty seconds airtime. The Mass and visit close to ten minutes in a thirty minute broadcast. So unlike the English-speaking media

A Reluctant Sinner said...

Hear, Hear!

I just wrote a post about it... Off to bed now, so hope I don't suffer nightmares after having watched that liturgical mess! lol.


A Catholic Comes Home said...

Ahh Our Holy Fathers'endurance Jane,who could not be humbled before it.On another topic good news I think from Papa Stronsay.(scroll down a post or two)

Jane said...

Dear All, thanks for your comments. Will respond tomorrow. Just been a few difficult days here. A big funeral in the village yesterday, and the death of a close friend in London at the end of last week.

Anonymous said...

The crowning moment of awfulness was the Offertory music: a little light jazz!

Mary Hoka2_99

Jane said...

More like a little 'heavy metal'!