Thursday, November 24, 2011

Archbishop Nichols publishes book on St. John Fisher

'Pastor in Valle' was at the book's recent launch and writes about it here He has not yet finished it, but so far seems impressed.That is encouraging since I greatly value his opinion

Saint John Fisher is one of my favourite martyr saints and I will therefore buy the book.
I have known for some time (courtesy of Wikipedia) that the then Fr Nichols specialised in the 'theology of St. John Fisher' during a year's study for an MA in Theology at Manchester University, that degree being awarded to him forty years ago in 1971..I do trust that the present volume is the result of further reflection and research over the intervening years, and is not merely an edited version of the original thesis, trotted out now merely because the author is the current Archbishop of Westminster.


Pastor in Valle said...

Thanks for the link and the kind remarks: I'm afraid that the book is largely the original thesis with an added postscript bringing the research up to date–this is perfectly understandable, since an Archbishop (if he is doing his job properly) wouldn't find time to do original research. But Duffy made the point that the original research done at the time still stands, and has not yet been done by anyone else.

Jane said...

Thank you Father for making this clear. I'll still buy the book for Advent reading!

Anonymous said...

It is a pity the book has been published by an unknown publisher. I fear this will result on a vey good work not being made available to a wide audience.