Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Will Benin be the Pope's last long voyage? Sounds as if it should be if we want to keep him with us.

Pope reported to have Arthrosis

Personally, I think that Arthrosis is only one aspect of the problem and in any case it can't have been helped by that crazy woman who knocked him down a couple of Christmases ago. Aside from that, itt's quite clear to anyone who observes him closely that he has difficulties of balance. He has a tendency to fall over. This cannot be helped by the failing sight in his left eye, which is the case according to some reports, but which has been unmentioned/overlooked/ignored, by nearly all commenters.

May God help our dear Pope Benedict.

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Anonymous said...

How my heart aches! I have loved Pope Benedict from the moment I saw him celebrating the funeral Mass of John Paul II. I have followed his every movement, his every word for six years. Please Lord, keep him safe and keep him with us, because we need him.