Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fr George Byers' great new blog: "Papist Jackass"

Have just received a link to Fr's new blog from a reader correspondent. A grateful and enthusiastic mantilla twitch to Christine for alerting me. The link is now in the sidebar at my alphabetical bloglist. Fr has posted his homily for yesterday's beautiful Feast of Our Lady's Nativity with photographs of the seminarians gathered in her praise.


pelerin said...

Thank you Jane for bringing us this information. I thought we had lost Fr Byers' blogs for good! Do you know whether it is possible still to access his Lourdes blog with all those wonderful photos? It seems to have disappeared.

Anonymous said...

But, some of the old will be revamped in the new!

Right now, I would like to add some links to the blogs of Spiritual Mothers.

Father George

Jane said...

Father George,

Fire away! anything I can do to help?


NECatholic said...

While you are looking at new blogs, you should check out one that is about a year old. It is mostly written for priests, but it is good for others, too! The priest author writes it semi-anonymously and posts almost every day. The title is provocative, but the subject matter is really, really good!

Jane said...

Thanks for the tip. Actually discovered this on Friday and linked on my other 'Spiritual Mothers of Priests' blog. Will put it on Oasis list today.

Thanks again