Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Consistory in February? Sandro Magister seems fairly sure.......... ( updated Friday 30th Dec)

He goes through the usual stuff about not giving the red hat to Archbishops  who have an emeritus Cardinal in their Dioceses. He hints that an exception could be made for Archbishop Timothy Dolan, but consigns Westminster to having to wait until next time, as if that is already a fait accompli. One would love to know what is behind his apparent certainties. However, on va voir.


Update: A February Consistory is looking ever more likely. Vatican Insider reports that Goldsmiths, Savi Brothers have received an order from the Vatican of rings for new cardinals.


Mark said...

dearest Jane, can you post a link to Magister's article? Being divorced from the internet for three months at a time has left me rather computer un-savvy.

God bless!
Mark x

Jane said...

My dear Mark,
Have put a link to Chiesa Espresso in the post.
You can always reach the site by clicking in the left sidebar here, fourth up from the bottom. Sidebar also gives quick access to many other favourite sites!
God bless,

Mark said...

Thank you, Jane! :D