Thursday, April 11, 2013

At last William Oddie has given expression to what many of us feel now about Benedict XVI

See his post at the Catholic Herald site, if you have not yet had the courage to say it.. Thank you Dr Oddie for your honesty. At least I now feel I am not alone in my inconsolable grief .


A Catholic Comes Home said...

Oh Jane you are not alone......To my shame this is my state at the moment."I am practising the virtue of loyalty,which indeed only becomes a virtue when one is under pressure to desert it".Not a good state to be in!

On the side of the angels said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, Finally able to get to your blog. I read William Oddie's blog and agree with every word.
We are not alone!
I have forced myself to accept the decision of the Conclave, which I have to trust was guided by The Holy Spirit. But I remain inconsolable and my situation does not get easier as the days pass.
With love, Mary xxxx

Anonymous said...

I watched the announcement of Cardinal Ratzinger's election again a few minutes ago. It was so dignified, so thrilling.... I'm afraid I just burst into floods of tears. What IS the matter with me? I cannot shake off this feeling and,in truth, as more things happen and are reported, the worse becomes my predicament. I accept! I accept! But I cannot love. My heart is as a stone, but it belongs to Benedict. If he had died? Perhaps the real grief would have been bearable, but this is not grief - it's worse than grief.
With my love and prayers - Mary

Anonymous said...

Let us be calm. let us pray and trust in the Lord. let us be careful to read and listen to what The Pope is actualy saying, and not be caught out by superficial reporting, or 'style'. much of what he is saying is in very direct continuity with Benedict, in some cases, 'devil', 'evil', the 'evil one' perhaps with a slightly harder edge. As for liturgical issues, particularly the EF Mass my hunch is that he will leave well alone, live and let live, the Church is after all a 'love story'. So let us love and pray for the Pope and trust in the Lord, not what is merely comfortable to us.

Jane said...

I couldn't agree with you more. The trouble is that grief cannot be reasoned or preached away. And it really isn't just a question of the loss of one individual man.

I will get over it in time and will be quiet now, and for the interim.