Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holy Smoke receives an Anonymous Guest.

Just go there everyone and read and read him. There's just something very familiar about the tone - also my comment as DNP on page 1. I have agonised for 36 hours about the potential desecration of the Feast of Christ the King in England and Wales. I was about to atttempt a distillation here, of the experience, and then I read this. On attend.

In Christo pro Papa



Prima said...

Hi Jane,

I just read Thompson's blog (and your comments also). I'm really appalled that the Feast of Christ the King would be desecrated like this. No wonder OTSOTA is so overwrought. I know things run in cycles, but one wonders when the "anything goes" liberal cycle will be over.

Jane said...


Thanks. I've put a fuller reply under the latest post on your blog.