Thursday, October 23, 2008

Una Voce International Report to the Pope: II


Page 2 of the document is a table of contents as follows:

Part I Introduction

Part II Summorum Pontificum: First Year - Analysis and Resume

Part III The current situation based on reported evidence from members of the Una Voce Federation. Then follows a list of these member oranisations. The page does not therefore need translation but incldes:

Australia: Una Voce Australia; England and Wales: The Latin Mass Society; France: Una Voce France; Germany: Pro Miss Tridentina/Una Voce Germany; Ireland: St Conleth Catholic Heritage Group; Scotland: Una Voce Scotland; United States of America: UNA VOCE AMERICA.

I propose to deal with Sections I later becuase basically it sets forth cogently, what most of us already suspect or know. It is Part II that is particularly enlightening becuase it brings claim of proof about what has happened/is happening in particular places. This is most enlightening to us, but more importantly will give His Holiness as clear a picture as is available, of what and where exactly, have been the successes of the Motu Proprio, AND where the Holy Father faces quite intransigent and obdurate opposition. The latter, as I have more than once suspected/and or known, is often covert in the form of a conspiracy of silence, mostly not on the part of laity or priests. The report states openly that priests in Spain, for example, are afraid to celebrate the EF and it is explicit as to the reasons why.

But this is to jump the gun. I now propose to go through Section II and construct posts based on the evidence from the countries listed above, concluding with generalities applying to the situation. I'm going away now to start work on England and Wales, Scotland, USA and France. It is 11.45pm here and I do not intend to work later than 1am, but I do hope to post once again tonight. My earlier intention not to post on Fridays must be broken, but not the oath which heads the left sidebar, nor the pledge I have made to pay attention to another pressing matter. Robert Frost's words seem to apply most nights:

'But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep."

I am happy for that in the service of Christ and His 'Adorer', our Holy Father Benedict XVI.

Until later,


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