Friday, July 9, 2010

Papal visit to UK: Holy Father will not fly home via BA

This according to Catholic Herald today.

It is the first of the Holy Father's voyages from which he will not return by courtesy of the hosting country's airline. It may seem a small matter but I think it is indicative of the prevalent attitudes in our country. Chris Patten, also in today's Catholic Herald, says that Britain's international reputation rests of the way it handles this historic visit. (Too true, as I hinted on this blog some weeks ago.)

Also some weeks ago, Archbishop Nichols spoke on Vatican Radio, evincing confidence that Britain would extend every politeness and hospitality to the Holy Father. This little news item about the homeward flight indicates that he maybe disappointed. In any case, I pray that Scotland will distinguish itself, and that England may not disgrace itself. Wales of course has been left out of the loop. Another bad mistake in my view. I have some Welsh blood, and I admit it boiled in the face of Archbishop Smith's Vatican Radio interview after the imposition of his Pallium for Southwark.

And is today really the right day for Bishop Conry to tell the world that he thinks the New Evangelisation Dicastery is an ill-conceived idea? (Again reported in the Catholic Herald.) This is the man who some months ago said that we shouldn't have too much concentration on Confession, a view in diract opposition to that of the Holy Father, who is aware that the Sacrament of Confession has all but disappeared in many places.. Bishop Conry is the same man who said that it's impossible to speak to young people about Salvation. Pope Benedict does exactly that, and brilliantly, every time he has the opportunity, the most recent example being at Sulmona.

(Personal health note: Have low blood pressure. Full diagnosis cannot be made until results of blood tests come through. Blood taken today so maybe not long to wait. In meantime vertigo continues.)

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.

In Christo pro Papa


epsilon said...

Take good care of yourself, Jane. You are in my prayers

Pat said...

He'll be glad he's not going BA!! My daughter has been trying to depart Heathrow for LAX today since 09.55am. After 2 emergency stops, 3 hours on a hot plane, further hours in a terminal she's off to a hotel possibly to fly tomorrow!

epsilon said...

I think how he gets back is the least of his problems, Jane

What's going on here is unbelieveble - I wonder how many schoolchildren from Cardinal Heenan in Liverpool, St John Fisher in Peterborough and St Bernards in Rotherham will be chanting an Inju5tice ditti at Hyde Park?

Jane said...

Thanks for your earlier good wishes to me. Thank you for your prayers which are of course reciprocated.

The Lord knows what's going on. Impossible for me to really know. I can suspect however, that a lot of unsatisfactory stuff is being perpetrated. Archbishops Nichols and Smith have given several interviews on Vatican Radio, and you would think it was all fine and dandy. The Vatican itself seems crazily optimistic (see Zenit today.) The impression given is quite at variance with what I read on respectable English blogs about the Hyde Park 'liturgical entertainment', for instance. I rely on Father Blake and particularly respect him.

If a certain west-London msgr gets a mitre after this lot, we will know who runs 'catholicism ' in our country, and tragically we will also know that it is not Pope Benedict.

btw, the fact that you mention schools bearing the names of Cardinal Heenan, SS Bernard and John Fisher makes me feel physically sick.

I posted about the airline thing because it's an obvious symptom of incivility to the Pope. Of course I know it goes much deeper than that.

Prayer, prayer, prayer.

With my love,

epsilon said...

God Bless you and take a well earned rest, Jane!