Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Pope is NOT considering abdication: So says Dr. Moynihan (ITV editor) and I wholeheartedly agree with him..

However, tomorrow for the second time in 15 months Benedict XVI will venerate the relics of Pope Celestine V, the only one of his predecessors to have resigned the papacy, in the face of ungovernable corruption and a bunch of cardinals who 'were no better than they should have been', which is to put it mildly.

You can read the story here at Zenit, and Dr. Moynihan's full text here at the Canterbury Tales blog, courtesy of Taylor Marshall..

Pope Benedict's visit to Sulmona will be broadcast live by EWTN and kto tv tomorrow - 9.30am French time, 8.30 British, and 3.30 Tulsa time (with the usual encore later on in the day)

The last time he was there, our Holy Father left HIS OWN PALLIUM on the tomb of his predecessor Saint Celestine. Doctor M. invites us to consider the message he was sending us through this action.

More tomorrow, DV.

God bless our Pope.

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