Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Return to Blogging; a Rosary from Knock

Quick update on health: Vast relief and thanks be to God, tests showed blood to be absolutely normal. Cause of vertigo still undiagnosed - dosage of medication increased; may have to see a specialist if no real improvement before next Tuesday when I'm to see the doctor again.

In the meantime during enforced 'stand-off' there have been two things which have impressed me and in very different ways. Firstly, there has been a news item warning of danger to the Pope and his Catholic flock, as the result of possible extremist action on behalf of certain groups during the Holy Father's visit to the UK in September. Two days ago, a dear friend in Philadelphia sent me a link to the National Catholic Register I read the article, worried, watched and waited and then Fr. Tim Finigan posted a most helpul link to a new site, Protect the Pope (see top of sidebar here and also in alphabetical bloglist.) Thank you Father. I pray that everyone reading this will make sure they follow that site.

From the very beginning, I have worried that something like this may be round the corner. And I have suspected that it may be one of the reasons why the whole Papal visit is being so tightly controlled and scaled down. I'd say the Brit Security system is finding 'the stiff upper lip' difficult to maintain at the moment. From this standpoint the opinions of our English and Welsh bishops are almost totally irrelevant. (That's a complex matter, and impossible to treat here, although I will do so if anyone challenges me.)

The second thing that has been so precious to me over the past few days of not knowing what's wrong with me, is the most marvellous torrent of love and prayer I have had in your private messages. There is no way in which I can properly express my thanks.

And this morning the postman brought me the Knock Rosary. It is so beautiful and reminiscent to me of the one our Holy Father used in Fatima two months ago..............

God bless all here. I hope to be back tomorrow.

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