Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The garden of the 'Dowry of Mary' buds to new life: Four Master Gardeners assist its native sons and daughters.

The next post will bear the above title, or something similar. It will probably appear on Friday. Tomorrow at 6.30pm, we have our first Mass this year in Saint Romain church, (the last one having been on July 1 last year) and preparations will keep me busy for most of the day. For the last week I've had to sweep the whole church floor everyday, of a most unpleasant descent of dead flies from above the nave. There are no cracks in the ceiling that I can see, but somehow six shovels full have so far found ingress. There were even some in the holy water stoup this morning. I think they've probably been over-wintering in the virginia creeper which covers a lot of the outside of the church. Nevertheless I can't remember such a problem happening before. God bless. A vendredi. J

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