Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association; a Holy Year for Nuns

St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association (hereinafter SCCHA) is a beautiful site, based in the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. According to the Breviary, St. Conleth is patron of that See. SCCHA's main raison d'etre is to promote the Usus Antiquior but it also provides an ongoing photo gallery of Irish cultural/religious history (arguably the same thing). This latter aspect is extremely important and beautifully presented. I for one find it comforting, particularly at a time when Ireland, like Britain, appears to be turning its back on its ancient Faith, in favour of secularism, relativism, liberalism, and all the other 'isms' which are proving to be so destructive of a healthy society. Anyone with Irish connections will love the site.

English Catholics, particularly those in the north, have reason to be eternally grateful to Irish priests and religious sisters. Their influence, particularly at parish level, was vast. As an example, my own parish (of long ago) was founded and run by a community of around 10 members of the Congregation of the Mission, with strong support from a community of Daughters of Charity of at least twice that number. Those were the days! Now, Ireland has enough to do in the battle to save her own heritage. I know from my native Irish mother-in-law, who lives in Dublin, that the situation there is dire. I heartily recommend SCCHA and exhort you to pay a visit and spike its stats'.

Saint Conleth
He was born C450 in Ireland. Later he became a skilled worker in gold and silver and a manuscript illuminator. He lived as a hermit, but tradition has it that Saint Brigid persuaded him to leave the eremitical life. They ran a double monastery together and St. Conleth became the first Bishop of Kildare C490. It is handed down to us that in 519, he was attacked by wolves in the forests of Leinster. Dying from his injuries he was buried nearby. His relics were translated Kildare cathedral in 799 and were taken to Connell in 835 to protect them from Danish invaders. (If any of these details are incorrect, I hope 'Convenor' will correct me.)

A Holy Year for Nuns
SCCHA is the first place where I have seen this suggestion. I do not know the size of its readership, but although my own is not huge, I want to do everything I can to promote the idea I do know that my own blogs are read by a handful of the more inflential member of the blogosphere. Perhaps Pastor in Valle could help here and ensure that the idea reaches a wider audience. SCCHA encourages us 'to ask Ecclesiastical authorities to dedicate a special year to give thanks to God for nuns and to pray for Nuns and for more nuns'. It seems the natural thing to do after the Year for Priests. It would also sweep from the board any unpleasantness which may result from the Visitation of American Female Religious orders, bringing the positive power of prayer to bear on the outcome of that thorny situation, not to mention the effect upon vocations.

During Lent I will write to Archbishop Joseph William Tobin, C.SS.R.,the Secretary of the appropriate Congregation in Rome. I feel a letter is wise in the first place, and will send copy to the Pro-Prefect Archbishop Braz de Aviz, and also to Sister Enrica Rosanna, F.M.A., Under-Secretary, at the same address.

Address and email details

Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
Piazza Pio XII, 3
00193 Rome

To email Archbishop Tobin,

Saints Conleth and Brigid, pray for us, and especially for our Holy Father, that he 'may not flee for fear of the wolves'.

How appropriate that it is the Memorial of St. Louise de Marillac today, foundress under the direction of St Vincent de Paul, of the Daughters of Charity. May she too assist us.


Gertrude said...

Jane, if you would like to write a piece for us, I am sure we would be only too happy to promote a Holy Year for Nuns. God alone knows how much we need new vocations.
God Bless

Jane said...

Gertrude: thanks, will contact you tomorrow.
Bedtime now!
God bless,