Friday, March 25, 2011

'Sufficient unto the day .......'

I've spent the evening reading up on the case of Father John Corapi, hopefully preparatory to a post tomorrow afternoon. My present view is that the evil one is definitely at work here, wanting as he always does, to destroy the holy priesthood. No priests, no Eucharist. I am now going to bed, and will be praying for Father John during the waking hours of the night. The fact remains that his case presents two starkly opposed possibilities. One, that Father Corapi has been guilty of the most appallling hypocrisy, and that he is a total sham; or two, that he is a victim of some mad female's search for revenge in the form of monetary, yet totally undeserved recompense. I have the senstaion that it is most likely a case of
'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' (Congreve).

All my experience (I'm 67) leads me to favour the latter explanation.

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Anonymous said...

Very well summed up, Jane! It's obvious that Father Corapi is innocent and that this woman's determination to "destroy him" is the work of the Devil, who is so hard at work during this season of Lent.
I pray for Father Corapi each day and trust that he'll soon be restored to us. His teaching is so important to the Church today -which is why the Devil is attacking him.

Keep up your good work, Jane!
Love and prayers - Mary x