Monday, March 7, 2011

News of Adoratio 2011

Continued domestic upheavals have put me behind with my stated blog intentions. Originally I said my first post in Lent would be about the possibility of A Year for Nuns which had been suggested on the blog of 'St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Assocition' I was led to the blog by Fr Tim's 'Hermeneutic of Continuity. I put a note of thanks in his combox but think he may have missed it, being away at the 'Faith' Conference at Ampleforth at the time. Anyway, a repeated h/t to Father for his alert to what I feel is and excellent idea. A post on this subject will, after all, be my first one in Lent. (Link to St. Conleth's may take a little time, but it does work.)

Zenit has two items of interest entitled 'Before all Else, The Eucharist' Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. The items contain an interview with Father Florian Racine ( appropriate name), background information, and a clear statement that the Eucharist and Its Adoration are the source of all effective Evangelisation. Father Racine is one of the French founders and organisers of the Adoratio 2011 conference, that will take place in Rome this summer (June 20-23) Don't forget that our own dear Dom Mark Kirby will be one of the speakers, not to mention Msgr Marini and several high-ranking 'Benedictine' prelates, including Cardinals Ranjith, Burke and Piacenza. Veritably, an occasion not to be missed!

A full list of speakers can be found at the Adoratio site. Link in the sidebar here.

Next post on Thursday D.V.

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