Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Huge and Heartfelt thank you to the commenters on my Guardian Angel post of last night

The post was unlike me in that it was very personal, a cry from the heart. I hardly knew what I wrote, except that I desperately needed my Guardian Angel to hear it. I am now convinced that he did. Thank you for the four comments, three from known and valued very dear friends, and the fourth from someone who has just discovered the Oasis, and is now its 62nd Follower. Welcome Sarah and thank you so much for your prayers. Brian, Dorothy and Sandy, there is nothing on this earth so valuable as friendship like yours. The words 'thank you' are a poor recompense in all four cases, but I offer them still, with the assurance of my reciprocal Prayers for your own intentions..

God bless you, and as I often say, God bless all here. And now, onward, upward and forward to the Year of Faith..

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On the side of the angels said...

Ohhh! We need you!

But - you deserve a good shaking!!!

Ma'am - you have no idea how inspiring, uplifting, conscience-pricking, spiritually evocative and so common-sensibly wonderful you are...

You are an oasis - and yes, there is so much you could do and ohhhh - so many things you could be saying and leading, and advocating and promoting and taking the fight to those who can make the difference, be a harbinger of hope, a beacon of heartfelt devotion..and I'm one of those who'd follow you to the ends of the earth if you thought it was something which had to be done...

But you are the best of us..while the rest of us whinge and bewail our lot and argue the're there with one footstep on Heave and ma'am - seriously - you understand!!

Your words bring beauty and truth..your devotion to Our Blessed Mother, your loyalty to His Holiness...your way of expressing eternity in a blade of may be far away but you do more than the rest of us put together...

Your cross is already heavy because you've got the strength of shoulders and heart to bear it...[it's so true that real strength is found in gentleness]
...if you ask your guardian angel to bring you further into eternity and join the fray - he'll cling to you and guide you but he won't give you an easy ride...prepare for an 'interesting' adventure be warned - you might want to roll up your sleeves and engage on the earthly plane but God might have a bigger vocation for you in your autumn - a higher calling to not engage with the symptoms but to be there fighting the malaise itself with spiritual weapons...
You might be raising your hand to volunteer and God might need to whisper in your shell-like "I accepted your offer many , many moons ago and you're in the heart of my service already..."

...whatever happens one piece of scripture always gets me through - it's in Colossians: "Always be thankful". We have no idea what the big picture's like and we certainly don't see it through Heaven's eyes and we may be frudtrated and exasperated and desperate to do something...sometimes I throw my head back yelling "Lord how long will the wicked triumph?"...

...but He knows what He's about.

Love and prayers [however weak and inept] heading your way by the buckeload.

P x